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GEBA_Calculator-and-charts_9.13.13Our mission at GEBA is to educate members about important financial topics and to offer products and guidance that make a secure financial future more attainable.  We offer members free,
no-obligation consultation with licensed Insurance and Financial Consultants, who can answer your questions and provide specific recommendations.  

Investment Services With Your Interest in Mind

GEBA has built its reputation on offering personalized planning services through Consultants who will listen to your goals, review your situation, and work with you to develop a tailored plan to help you reach those goals. Because GEBA is a nonprofit association, you can rely on our licensed and experienced Insurance and Financial Consultants for unbiased recommendations and sound financial advice.

We offer planning assistance and investment expertise in a variety of financial areas that are important to our members:

Investment Planning

A comprehensive approach to investment planning is the most reliable way to build and manage an investment portfolio that achieves its long-term goals. GEBA’s experienced Consultants can help you turn your goals into a tailored plan that will allow you to attain your objectives... Learn More >

Legacy Planning

GEBA’s experienced Insurance and Financial Consultants can show you how you can have full use of your assets and income during your lifetime, and support those individuals and causes most important to you after you pass away... Learn More >

Retirement Planning

Saving for retirement is one of the most important investment needs. Starting early and saving through tax-advantaged plans maximizes your earnings and minimizes income taxes.  We can help you select the best plans and investment options...Learn More >

Saving for Education

Investing in education for your child, your grandchild, or even yourself is a powerful way to open doors to professional success and a personal sense of accomplishment. The IRS has set up special tax-advantaged programs to encourage saving for this purpose...Learn More >

Tax-Advantaged Investing

In Tax-Advantaged plans, earnings accumulate tax-deferred, significantly increasing your returns. This makes tax-advantaged investing the ideal approach for achieving most long-term financial goals...Learn More >

Delivered Through Licensed Insurance and Financial Consultants

Beyond their knowledge of investment products, each GEBA Consultant also holds the designation of Chartered Federal Employee Benefits Consultantsm. evidence of their expertise in the employee benefits programs available to our members.  They can integrate your federal benefit and pension programs (TSP, VCP, CSRS/FERS annuities) or corporate benefit programs into their recommendations, providing a comprehensive view that is invaluable to planning for financial goals.