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A thoughtful approach to building and growing your investment portfolio can make a big difference in your results over time.

Investment planning is the most reliable way to build and manage an investment portfolio to achieve that successful financial future you envision.

Building Financial Solutions

We all have financial goals, but goals alone are not enough to get you there. Let GEBA’s experienced Insurance and Financial Consultants help turn your goals into specific plans for achieving a secure financial future.

Starting to put money away to pay for a child’s education?
Let us help you think through your educational funding goals and options, like the 529 Education Savings account that offers tax-deferred growth to boost long-term savings. Learn More >

Need to grow your retirement nest egg?
GEBA can help you plan out contributions to your IRA and/or other retirement savings accounts to achieve your retirement goals – and how to invest those funds to get the most out of your efforts. Learn More >

Concerned about whether you are making the right moves with your investments?
One of GEBA’s licensed Insurance and Financial Consultants will meet with you to understand your priorities and review your investments. If there are more appropriate options for you, or if a restructuring of your portfolio is warranted, the consultant will provide recommendations and help you with the transitions. Learn More >

Getting ready to retire?
Retirement distribution planning is critical with tax-deferred products like IRAs, where a mistake can cost you penalties and missed opportunities. GEBA has the expertise to help you properly position your assets, integrating your pension and any IRAs, annuities, and other investments to maximize your retirement income. Learn More > 

Interested in leaving money to an individual or entity after you’re gone?
Legacy planning helps individuals with accumulated wealth plan ahead. GEBA’s Insurance and Financial Consultants can explain the tax benefits associated with bequests, charitable gift annuities, and other ways to benefit nonprofit entities and family members. Learn More >

The Investment Planning Process

Investment planning is a series of steps designed to take the dreams we all think about and turn them into specific action plans for achievement. The process involves:

  1. Defining specific goals and monitoring progress.
  2. Incorporating your objectives and current situation to develop a strategy that helps you reach your goals.
  3. Using tax-advantaged investments like the TSP, IRA, Annuities, and 529 College Savings Plan to minimize taxes and maximize growth.
  4. Building a diversified mix of assets to maximize your long-term return, consistent with your goals and risk tolerance.
  5. Selecting leading investments in each asset category, whether in mutual funds or individual securities.

One of the benefits of being a GEBA member is your access to our licensed Insurance and Financial Consultants who can guide you through the process and recommend investment products appropriate for your goals and situation.