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Senior Couple on Bikes​One of the most important retirement planning decisions you'll make is when to take Social Security.  This is a complex decision that can have a dramatic financial impact on your retirement years.  

The GEBA Social Security Analysis

Social Security benefits are considered by many to be the cornerstone of their retirement program.  If you are in a job covered by Social Security, you and your employer pay each month for the retirement benefit you will, at last, be able to access when you retire.  

But like so many things, it is not that simple.  If you retire at age 60, for example, you must wait until at least age 62 before you can begin drawing Social Security.  The amount of your benefit changes, depending on whether you draw it at age 62, at your "normal retirement age" (age 66 or 67), or at age 70.  And if you are married (or were married) to a working spouse, you have many additional options to consider.  

The GEBA Social Security Analysis is an effective way to understand your options andGEBA_Middle-Age-Couple_7.25.13 maximize your Social Security benefits.  It is a customized analysis just for you (or for you and your spouse), based on your individual earnings history and goals in retirement.  It will help you make a more intelligent decision regarding your social security options and provide a more detailed picture of what you can expect at retirement.  

Another Benefit of Your GEBA Membership

This valuable analysis is available to GEBA members at no charge, as one more way we try to help you plan for a secure financial tomorrow.  

GEBA offers other ways to help you plan for retirement, too.  You can schedule a session with a GEBA Insurance and Financial Consultant, who will sit down with you, understand your goals, and work with you to develop a Retirement Plan.  All at no charge to you.  

The Social Security Analysis covers just one source of your income in retirement.  A full Retirement plan will help you look at your other sources of income - annuities, IRAs, TSP, 401(k)s, pensions, etc., and create a comprehensive view, customized for you and your family.  And if you have a few years until you retire, the Consultant will help you take the steps during your working years to maximize your benefits in your retirement years.  Learn More >

The GEBA Difference

GEBA is a nonprofit employee benefit association dedicated to helping you achieve your financial goals.  We listen, work with you to assess your options, and help you implement your best solution. 

Our licensed Consultants apply their expertise in insurance and investment products to provide personalized recommendations for you and your family.  

GEBA is distinguished by our commitment to our members, our focus on service, easy access to relevant information, and unbiased advice.