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A Stable Value Account (SVA) is a high-quality investment option ideal for tax-deferred plans like IRAs and annuities. By investing in a portfolio of Guaranteed Investment Contracts (GICS) across companies, it offers low risk, significant diversification, and competitive interest rates that adjust gradually to follow market rates.

Diversification and Stable Returns

The GEBA Stable Value Account (SVA) is a low-risk, high quality investment that seeks to provide a stable rate of return and to preserve book value (principal plus accrued interest). It offers similar returns to a Guaranteed Investment Contract (GIC), but pays a rate that adjusts gradually with market rates. And because it invests in a diversified portfolio of GICs from multiple companies, it offers greater diversification for investors.

Advantages of the GEBA Stable Value Account

Stable Returns: Stable Value Account customers earn returns similar to bond funds, but with reduced volatility across market cycles. This means a Stable Value Account can play an important role in stabilizing the returns in your retirement portfolio.

Professional Portfolio Management: GEBA’s SVA portfolios are managed by Fiduciary Capital Management (FCM), long recognized as an outstanding stable value asset management firm. FCM is an SEC Registered Investment Advisor with a 30-year track record of specializing in stable value investments. 

Simplified Investing: The Stable Value Account offers simpler investing in two important ways:

  • Instead of dealing with multiple GIC contracts and separate maturities every year, you only need to maintain one account for your annuity and/or one account for your IRA/Roth IRA.
  • With the Stable Value Account, you’ll receive an attractive return that adjusts gradually to stay competitive over time, regardless of when you invest. This eliminates the problem of locking into a long-term GIC rate during a period of rising market rates.

Improved Diversification: In the GEBA SVA, your money is invested in GICs from multiple insurancefotolia_17892115 companies such as Metropolitan Life™, New York Life™, Ohio National™, and Prudential™. This increased diversification means significantly reduced exposure to any single provider. High-quality wrapped bonds may also be used to further broaden sector and security diversification.

Less Volatile Returns with Lower Risk: The SVA is designed to preserve capital while providing steady, positive returns. It invests in low-risk, fixed income securities with return characteristics similar to high quality bond funds. But the Stable Value Account is protected against interest rate volatility by contracts from banks and insurance companies. These contracts also protect against changes in market value of the underlying assets so that contributions and withdrawals are always at book value (principal plus accrued interest). If the market value of the underlying assets declines, contractual features ensure that participants continue to transact at book value. Consequently, you receive a return comparable to GIC investments and high-quality bond funds, but with lower risk.

The GEBA Stable Value Group Annuity

The GEBA Value Group Annuity is a non-qualified group annuity within the GEBA/GEMBA Supplemental Retirement Plan that uses the GEBA Stable value Account as the primary investment vehicle.  Your retirement funds grow tax-deferred, allowing the assets to grow more rapidly than with taxable investments, and there are no limits on how much you can contribute each year. 

More information on the GEBA/GEMBA Supplemental Retirement Plan can be found in the Summary Plan Description part three - Group Annuity. 

The GEBA Stable Value can also be used as an investment option in a Traditional or Roth IRA.


Offered for Group Annuities and Individual Retirement Accounts through Government Employees’ Mutual Benefit Association, Inc. (GEMBA). 

By regulation, Stable Value IRA and Annuity investments must be held separately and may, over time, pay slightly different rates of return. A Stable Value Account is not a mutual fund and is not insured or guaranteed by the FDIC. 

Full details on the GEBA Stable Value Account can be found in the GEBA Stable Value Account brochure and GEBA/GEMBA Summary Plan Description.