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Government Employees’ Benefit Association (GEBA) seeks a Chief Executive Officer to continue to grow the organization’s membership and advance its strategic priorities. Current CEO Michele Rackey will retire from GEBA in 2020 following 16 years in the executive role.

The Organization
GEBA was founded in 1957 by a group of National Security Agency (NSA) employees as a member-owned, member-governed organization to offer health insurance when it was not offered by the Federal Government. Since 2007, GEBA membership has been open to the broader Intelligence Community, and since 2017, it has been open to the entire Federal Government of active employees and retirees.

Serving more than 17,000 members today, GEBA has a vision where federal employees, military personnel, and their families are financially protected throughout their life stages. GEBA’s mission is to offer high-quality products and services, financial advice, and education at a great value while keeping members’ best interests in mind.

Included among GEBA’s wide range of services are the following programs:

Life Insurance and Disability
GEBA offers a group term life plan and permanent individual life insurance to help provide money for mortgages, college educations, or security of spouses/domestic partners so that families can live comfortably following a loved one’s passing. In addition to life insurance, GEBA has a Group Long Term Disability Insurance option, which pays a monthly benefit to members who experience a 
serious injury, accident, or illness that makes it impossible to work. GEBA is proud to partner with the New York Life Insurance Company, a recognized leader in the group insurance field, and one of the largest and most respected life insurance companies in the nation on its life insurance plans.

Other Insurance
GEBA provides insurance plans to cover dental, vision, long term care, auto and home, professional liability, pet insurance, and emergency travel needs. Members have options to participate in high-quality insurance products at preferred rates not available to the general public. GEBA partners with top insurance providers who have strong financial positions and service commitments such as 
MetLife, Delta Dental of Pennsylvania, and National Vision Administrators to offer members the best possible coverage.

Wealth Management
GEBA Wealth Management was established to assist clients in addressing their most important financial challenges through every stage of life. GEBA offers a variety of Financial Planning options to address specific needs as well as Comprehensive Financial Plans to address a client’s entire financial situation. The Investment Advisory Services provide options for clients seeking professional expertise in managing their investment portfolios. Additional investing

Services that provide some of the most sought-after investment plans and products for investors who prefer to make their own investment decisions. GEBA’s current Assets under Management (AUM) are over $280M on both propriety and other investments. GEBA Wealth Management employees are salaried and not commission-based, ensuring unbiased financial advice to members.

Sponsored Family Member Program
Under this program, families of GEBA members can take advantage of many of the same high- quality products, affordable pricing, and personalized service that has distinguished GEBA for over 60 years.

GEBA Scholarship Foundation
GEBA introduced the Scholarship program as a philanthropic service to honor its members. Since its inception in 2005, the GEBA Scholarship Foundation has awarded $900,500 in financial scholarships to GEBA members and their families to help them better afford their pursuit of higher education. In 2020, the GEBA Scholarship Foundation approved 40 scholarships and 10 Member Educational Award Program (MEAP), each valued at $2,500.

GEBA has an 11-person Board of Directors and 15-person (full-time) staff. Its 2020 budget is $8.7M. GEBA provides services to over 17,000 members.

Recent Accomplishments

  • GEBA expanded to the entire federal government employment and retirees in November 2017 during Open Season and saw significant growth in dental and vision plans as a result.
  • In 2017, GEBA formally named its retirement planning service “GEBA Wealth Management” with the goal of connecting members with experts in Government Benefits to understand their financial needs.
  • GEBA continues to offer on-campus seminars and on-line webinars on numerous topics that affect government employees, such as Social Security and the Federal Employees Retirement System/Civil Service Retirement System Pensions, which allowed GEBA to brand itself as the "subject matter expert" for federal benefits and retirement planning.

Strategic Priorities
GEBA is in the first year of its FY2020-FY2023 Strategic Plan with the main objective of positioning the organization for long-term relevance, impact, and sustainability. The plan focuses on the following goals:

  • Protect families through their life stages by providing the right products.
  • Grow the value, benefit, number of members, and plans.
  • Increase GEBA’s visibility and brand to drive growth.
  • Keep Information Technology (IT) Infrastructure modern and protect member data.
  • Thrive under new executive leadership.

The Position
Reporting to the Board of Directors, the CEO of GEBA oversees all aspects of the organization’s internal operations and services to its members. The next CEO will have the opportunity to expand GEBA and pursue its strategic goals as outlined above.

Key Responsibilities
The CEO will provide leadership across all of the organization’s lines of service and internal departments, ensuring GEBA meets its strategic goals and provides for its members. The CEO is responsible for:

Leading Organization Mission, Strategy and Oversight

  • Establish a clear vision for GEBA and seek buy-in from the staff on achieving the priorities to advance the vision and strategic plan.
  • Keep abreast of trends and developments in the insurance, benefits, retirement, and wealth management markets that are applicable to membership.
  • Collaborate with the staff and Board to fulfill GEBA’s mission, implement the strategic plan, and develop service lines and plans offered to members.

Maintaining Relationships and Visibility

  • Build and maintain strong working relationships with current and new partners that support GEBA and establish deeper connections with current and new federal agencies.
  • Increase marketing and technology capacity to grow the membership, and continuously engage the current membership to understand their evolving needs.

Sustaining Organization Operations

  • Review the organization’s strategy, align its business plan, and develop and oversee GEBA’s budget on an annual basis.
  • Make all financial decisions, including personnel management and compensation, in accordance with the approved budget and guidance from the Board.
  • Develop resources sufficient to ensure the financial health of the organization.
  • Assess the staffing structure, ensuring enough staff capacity to grow the business and cover a wide range of functions to meet organizational goals.
  • Lead contract negotiations that enable GEBA to renew, modify, or launch any new or existing product.

Skills and Attributes
In alignment with GEBA’s values, the CEO must demonstrate integrity and preserve the member-first culture of the organization. The CEO must possess the following experience:

  • A history of demonstrating success in building and growing a business through innovation and executing strategic plans.
  • A successful track record for understanding and enabling continuing growth of both benefits and wealth management for members.
  • Well-honed business acumen; proven experience with fiscal management and operations including budget preparation, analysis, decision making, and reporting.
  • Keen understanding of the nonprofit (association) world and implementing human resources, information technology, accounting, and serving member/stakeholder needs.
  • A collaborative leadership style, including experience inspiring and motivating a small staff and fostering collaboration and professional development.
  • Five or more years of senior nonprofit management experience.

Additionally, the CEO must have:

  • Relational leadership style with energy and passion to execute the GEBA Strategic Plan, with a hands-on approach to lead GEBA forward.
  • Curiosity to understand the benefits and wealth management needs of federal employees and retirees; willingness to create new ways of increasing membership, executing marketing, and building a strong and growing complement of products and services.
  • Effective communication, both oral and in written, with the staff, Board, members, partners, and all stakeholders; a people person, willing to continuously engage with the GEBA staff.
  • Excellent interpersonal and networking skills to educate, inspire, persuade, and motivate a variety of key audiences.
  • Strong ability to network in an environment that requires effective collaboration with partner organizations and members.
  • A strong, inclusive and caring management style, with the ability to unify diverse staff into a high-performance team.
  • Strong integrity and honesty, demonstrating respect for others and an appreciation for those with a diversity of backgrounds and opinions.