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The GEBA Scholarship Foundation

We at GEBA understand the rising costs of higher education and the competition for scholarships. The GEBA Scholarship Foundation offers annual scholarships and educational assistance awards. We hope to lighten the financial burden to allow students to concentrate fully on their studies and help pay off student loan debt. 

The GEBA Board of Directors voted unanimously to offer scholarships and Member Educational Program Awards (MEAP) for the 2021/2022 academic year.

  • Up to 40 merit-based scholarships, each valued at $2,500
  • Up to 10 Member Educational Award Program, each valued at $2,500 


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Annual GEBA Scholarships

The GEBA Scholarship Foundation is committed to helping deserving and diverse students pursue an eclectic range of academic pursuits. Since its inception in 2005, the Foundation has awarded 435 merit-based financial scholarships awards to admirable students totaling $975,500.

For the 2021-2022 academic year, the Board approved a total of up to 40 merit-based scholarships – each worth $2,500. This scholarship money provides a way to reduce the financial burden on students and their families. The scholarship deadline has passed. Winners will be notified in mid-May. 

Merit-based scholarships have three categories: Academic, Community, and Career Training. An applicant can only apply for one scholarship category per year. To sponsor themselves or a eligible family member, members must have one plan for three years or more (since December 31, 2017). There is no limit to the number of family members that a member can sponsor. This past year, we had two sisters and two cousins win Scholarships!

To learn more about scholarship program details, visit here.  

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Member Educational Award Program (MEAP)

This program was designed to provide educational assistance to members who were working full-time to fund their part-time studies or to pay off their student loan debt. Since its inception in 2012, the GEBA Scholarship Foundation has awarded nearly $140,000 to GEBA members through the Member Educational Award Program.

The GEBA Board of Directors voted unanimously to offer up to 10 MEAP awards, each valued at $2,500 for 2021-2022 Academic year. 

The MEAP program is a member-only benefit. You must be a GEBA member as of January 15, 2021. Learn more about the MEAP program hereThe MEAP deadline has passed. Winners will be notified in mid-May. 

The two educational award programs are administered by International Scholarship and Tuition Services (ISTS), a firm that specializes in managing sponsored scholarship programs.  ISTS selects the recipients of the awards  Learn more about ISTS.

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Request Information

Request Information

Scholarship Deadlines

Application submission is now closed and awards will be announced in Mid-May.

ISTS, GEBA’s partner, is now evaluating the applications and will be selecting the winners for Scholarships and MEAP.

All applicants for 2021-2022 Academic Year will be notified by May 20, 2021. Good luck to the applicants!

Past Winners
GEBA awarded $75,000 in merit-based scholarships to 30 students and $25,000 to 10 MEAP winners for the 2020-21 school year.


ISTS has negotiated deals with more than 40 colleges and universities with discounts that range from 10%-40% off of published tuition rates. Learn more here

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