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Who’s Eligible

GEBA membership is available to civilian federal employees and retirees, and active and retired military personnel. Members’ extended adult family are also eligible for most GEBA products and services.

Family members just need to identify the GEBA member that referred them to be Sponsored Family Members. This can include: 

  • Brothers/Sisters (including in-laws & step-siblings)
  • Children (including stepchildren)
  • Grandchildren (including step-grandchildren)
  • Parents (including in-laws & stepparents)
  • Grandparents (including in-laws & step-grandparents)


All of GEBA’s individual life insurance products are available to Sponsored Family Members. The only plans that are limited to direct GEBA members are: 

Membership Advantages

Every GEBA member enjoys:  

  • Group savings and discounts on quality insurance plans from respected providers.
  • Products that fit your situation.
  • Portable plans – most coverage can be maintained even if you leave your agency or company, retire or change assignment (PCS).
  • Unbiased insurance and financial planning advice from experienced, licensed professionals.
  • Superior service from GEBA Member Services who focus on your needs and interests.
  • Free membership with GEBA that continues as long as you have a plan with GEBA. 

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