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This calculator provides an estimate of the Long Term Disability Monthly benefit you may need based on your inputs.  You may want to consult your GEBA Wealth Management Financial Advisor to help you determine the optimal amount.  This calculator is for FERS employees only*.

Current Annual Salary
Take Home Pay Percentage
Bi-weekly Net Pay
Add: Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) deduction & other benefits deducted
Bi-weekly Gross Pay
Percentage of Gross Pay after Tax
FERS Disability Pay Estimate
Average High 3 Salary
Estimated Monthly Disablity Benefit under FERS
First 12 Months of Disability
After Taxes
Subsequent 12 Months of Disability
After Taxes
Long Term Disability Monthly Benefit You May Need*
Long Term Disability Insurance helps you protect your income in the event you become disabled. You may want to consider supplementing your federal disability annuity with GEBA's plan. For information, see our Long Term Disability page
Note: If you receive social security benefits, the amount you receive will reduce the benefit received payable as a FERS employee.
Note: We recommend that you bring this estimate to the GEBA office and discuss the outcomes with a GEBA Member Services Representative.