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Feds Trusted. Service Driven.

Open Season runs through December 6.

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GEBA offers two quality and competitive Dental Plans with Delta Dental — both include coverage for diagnostic and preventive care, restorative care, endodontic and periodontal services, and oral surgery. In the Enhanced Plan, you’ll enjoy higher coverage amounts. BOTH plans have no cost increase for 2024!


GEBA, in partnership with Delta Dental, provides quality, comprehensive Dental coverage:

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If you choose GEBA, don’t forget to unenroll from your current plan at www.benefeds.com.


Join more than 16,000 satisfied members of the Intelligence community, broader Federal workforce, the Military, and their family members.


Benefits provided by the organization your peers have trusted for over 65 years.

Choose GEBA for More Choices, More Savings

If you need to change your current GEBA dental coverage, such as upgrading to enhanced, downgrading to standard, or adding or removing a spouse or dependent(s), please click the enroll button and complete an application. If you are satisfied with your current GEBA coverage, you do not need to take any action during the Open Enrollment period.  Your coverage will automatically renew in 2024.

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