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Am I Eligible for Dental Insurance?

All Federal employees and retirees, and active and retired military, are eligible to enroll in GEBA’s Dental Plan. Plan participants may elect coverage for a spouse (unless legally separated), domestic partner, and dependent children up to age 26 under their own plan. 

If you, the GEBA member, have any insurance plan or investment product with GEBA, your extended adult family members are also eligible for GEBA’s Dental Plan, including siblings, children, parents, in-laws, grandparents, and grandchildren. Learn more about our Sponsored Family Member Program.

* Not available in Alaska

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Along with Dental and Vision coverage, membership also includes special discounts you can receive on Group Term Life and Disability plans. 

Sponsored Family Member Program

Adult family members can enjoy the same great member rates and personalized service on most GEBA insurance products and financial planning services

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