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Sponsored Family MemberFamilies of GEBA members can now take advantage of the same high-quality products, affordable pricing, and personalized service that has distinguished GEBA for over 
60 years.

Introducing the GEBA Sponsored Family Member Program

Many of today’s members joined GEBA as a result of a referral from a co-worker who appreciated GEBA’s value and attentive service. Some also suggested extending GEBA services to family members. We listened, and our Board of Directors agreed. Now, a member can refer his or her adult family members to join GEBA as Sponsored Family Members. Eligible relatives include adult:

  • Brothers/Sisters (including in-laws & step-siblings)
  • Children (including stepchildren)
  • Grandchildren (including step-grandchildren)
  • Parents (including in-laws & stepparents)
  • Grandparents (including in-laws & step-grandparents)

Wide Selection of Products and Services Available to Sponsored Family Members

GEBA offers quality insurance and investment products from financially strong partners who have equally strong service commitments.


GEBA Wealth Management

  • Individual Life Insurance 
    Plans for protecting your loved ones,
    whether your needs are straightforward
    or require tailored solutions.
  • Dental Benefits 
    Affordable, comprehensive coverage
    with America’s largest dental network.
    Enrollment in our dental plan is allowed
    during Open Enrollment and within 60 days of a for life changing event (e.g. marriage, baby, loss of benefits).
  • Vision Insurance 
    Save on eye exams, lenses, frames,
    contact lenses, and laser vision
  • Individual Long-Term Disability
    Protect your paycheck with Individual
    Long-Term Disability Insurance.
  • Emergency Travel Plan
    Just $78/year ensures you can get to
    your loved ones – from anywhere to anywhere – if a serious illness, injury, or death strikes your family.
  • Individual Long-Term Care 
    Ease the burden on your family by preparing now for care expenses Medicare doesn’t cover.
  • MetLife Auto and Home® 
    Discounted rates for insuring your car, home, and possessions offered by MetLife Auto and Home.
  • Veterinary Pet Insurance 
    Your pets need health care, too! Get discounted rates for being a GEBA member.

Financial Planning Services

  • Investment Planning
    Comprehensive investment planning is the most reliable way to build and manage your investments.
  • Legacy Planning
    Have full use of your assets now, and
    support the people and causes most important to you after you pass away.
  • Retirement Planning
    Saving for retirement is one of the
    most important investment needs.
  • Saving for College
    Investing in education is a powerful way
    to open doors to success.
  • Social Security Analysis
    How to get the most from Social
    Security after you retire.
  • Tax Advantage Investing 
    Let your earnings accumulate tax-
    deferred, significantly increasing your returns.
  • Retirement Plan Distribution Analysis
    Determines the best way to spend down your assets.

Investment Products

  GEBA provides the most sought-after
  financial products in the marketplace,
  including options not widely available.             
Go to for more information.

Becoming a Sponsored Family Member is Easy

When enrolling or applying for a new product or service, we simply ask you for the name, city, state and relationship of the GEBA member who referred you.

Membership is free, and once enrollment is complete, your Sponsored Family Membership in GEBA lasts as long as you maintain a GEBA plan.