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Feds Trusted. Service Driven.

Financial Planning

Trust GEBA - From Setting Financial Goals to Asset Management

Financial Planning services provided by GEBA Wealth Management team can help ensure your TSP, pension, and insurance are serving you when to achieve your financial goal and you are prepared for transitions such as leaving federal employment or retirement.

GEBA’s experienced, licensed Financial Advisors are here for you. We are not compensated through commission—and we know federal employees and your benefits landscape. You can expect unbiased advice, informed guidance, and expert management of your investment portfolio.

Choose GEBA and join approximately 16,000 satisfied members of the intelligence community, broader federal workforce, the military, and their family members. Membership in GEBA is free as long as you maintain coverage.

Get Started: Build a Financial Plan

The first step is to consider your goals and chart a course to get there.

  • Assess & recommend investment strategies to plan for your future
  • Review & adjust insurance coverage to ensure you and your family are protected
  • Plan for college tuition (529 Savings Plans) & other major financial commitments
  • Plan for life’s big financial needs or opportunities
  • Invest your retirement savings using your TSP and other investments you may have in a coordinated & efficient way

Manage Your Growing Assets

GEBA’s Wealth Management advisors can address your entire financial situation to help you make the most of what you have earned.

  • Assist with pre-retirement decisions regarding your benefits and insurance, including long term care.
  • Develop a tax-efficient plan for drawing on your retirement benefits and investments after you retire.
  • Identify the optimal Social Security claiming strategy for you and your spouse/partner.
  • Create a legacy plan that will distribute your assets tax-efficiently according to your wishes.

Prepare for Your Next Stage of Life

We consider your individual situation and long-term goals to guide you through insurance and financial planning.

Early Career – Basic coverage that won’t break the bank

More Responsibilities – Cars, pets, possessions – life’s getting real

Building a Family – Spouse, house, kids…much more at stake now

Peak Earning Years – Save more and protect yourself

Retirement – Are you ready?

Retired – Be prepared

Learn about how GEBA can help you prepare

Financial planning services provided by the organization
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