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Financial Planning

As a GEBA member, you have access to experienced financial advisors who specialize in helping federal employees and contractors. They can help make sure you are on track to achieve financial goals like buying a home, funding college, or preparing for retirement. When considering insurance, it often makes sense to review your overall financial picture, since some insurance products can also provide effective investment opportunities.

GEBA Wealth Management financial advisors do not earn commissions – they offer unbiased advice and are dedicated to finding the best solutions for your investment timeline, risk profile, and long-term goals. Whether you have a specific need in mind or are ready to build an overall financial plan for your future, talk to GEBA’s Financial Planners to get started.

  • Grow your retirement nest egg using your TSP and any other investments you may have in a coordinated and efficient way.
  • 529 Savings Plans for college tuition
  • Make sure your family is properly insured, especially if unexpected circumstances threaten your ability to work.
  • Plan for life’s big financial needs or opportunities.

Your GEBA financial advisor will continue to assist and meet with you regularly, long after your plan is complete, to make sure you stay on track to meet your goals.

Why Choose GEBA Wealth Management?

Our financial advisors are experienced, licensed, and hold designations such as Certified Financial Planner (CFP®), Chartered Federal Employee Benefits Consultant (ChFEBCTM), and Federal Retirement Consultant (FRC®). They understand federal pension programs, survivor benefits, health insurance, life insurance, and how those benefits interact with Social Security.

GEBA Wealth Management can simplify your life – and help you get the most out of your investments and government benefits!

Our experts understand all of the various retirement, disability, and pension plans (TSP, FERS, CSRS, FSRDS, FSPS) that are in place for federal employees. Everyone’s path is unique which is why you need a GEBA financial expert to look at your needs. Here’s a look at the most common progression for insurance and financial planning:

GEBA - It’s All About YOU! Planning for Life’s Financial Stages

GEBA can help you consider your financial outlook at each stage of life – while everyone’s path is unique, here’s the common progression for insurance and financial planning.

Financial planning for early career employees

What You Need for Insurance:

  • $50K Guaranteed Group Term Life Insurance
  • Vision
  • Dental

What You Should Do for Financial Planning:

  • Start Retirement Savings

Financial planning What You Need for Insurance:

  • Term or Individual Life Options
  • Auto
  • Pet Insurance
  • Emergency Travel

What You Should Do for Financial Planning:

  • Increase Investments
  • Evaluate Insurance

Group Term Life FAQsWhat You Need for Insurance:

  • Home
  • Spouse Coverage
  • Family Members
  • Long Term Disability

What You Should Do for Financial Planning:

  • Re-evaluate Coverage
  • Save for College

Peak earning years What You Need for Insurance:

  • Professional Liability

What You Should Do for Financial Planning:

  • Increase Investments
  • Re-evaluate Coverage
  • Long Term Care Options

Thinking about retirementWhat You Should Do for Financial Planning:

  • Re-evaluate Coverage
  • Social Security Analysis
  • Legacy Planning

Retirement and Legacy Planning What You Should Do for Financial Planning:

  • Legacy Planning
  • Tax-Efficient Ways to Pass Money to Heirs

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These calculators are for illustrative purposes only.  They should not be relied on for investment decisions.  It is recommended that you consult with financial professionals prior to acting on the results of these calculators as no representation is given as to its accuracy.

Securities are offered through Cape Securities, Inc. Member FINRA, SIPC. Investment Advisory Services are offered through Cape Investment Advisors, Inc. GEBA Financial Advisors are Registered Representatives of Cape Securities, Inc. 

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