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Life insurance: why many female feds probably don’t have enough

Shelly Giuliano, GEBA’s Senior Marketing and Product Manager, was featured in Federal Times on the importance of life insurance for all female federal employees and why they probably don’t have enough.

Mentoring Through Challenging Times: The importance of life insurance for women

bizwomen, a national outlet geared at working women, featured GEBA’s senior marketing and product manager, Shelly Giuliano, on the importance of life insurance for women.

Mentoring Through Challenging Times: Post-Covid financial planning

bizwomen, a national outlet geared at working women, published a byline by GEBA’s financial advisor Kateri Turner.

Help Desk: How to know if you need a financial planner

Baltimore Business Journal published a Help Desk column by Greg Klingler, Director of Wealth Management at the GEBA.

Good Questions to Ask a Financial Advisor Before Hiring

Greg Klingler, Director of Wealth Management at GEBA, was featured on what questions to ask before hiring a financial planner in UpJourney.

6 Ways to Make the Most Of Your Tax Return

Greg Klingler, Director of Wealth Management at GEBA, was quoted in a Her Campus article on how to make the most of your tax return.

7 Health Milestones That Might Lower Your Life Insurance Premium

GEBA’s Financial Advisor, Eric Edwards, was featured on on how these lifestyle changes can help federal employees reduce their life insurance premiums.

How should I invest future stimulus checks?

Greg Klingler, GEBA Director of Wealth Management, includes tips on how to invest your stimulus check in a Fox Business article as well as Fox 5 New York, Fox 6 Milwaukee, Fox 29 Philadelphia, and Fox 32 Chicago.

3 Reasons to Buy Life Insurance in Your 20s

Shelly Giuliano, Senior Products Manager at GEBA, was featured in a article on buying life insurance when young. The article was also published by MSN.

How living like the “Golden Girls” can help older adults thrive

Greg Klingler’s commentary on the financial perks of shared housing for older adults was featured in a article.

5 Best Long-Term Care Insurance Companies of 2021

Greg Klingler, Director of GEBA Wealth Management, was quoted on the value of long-term care in and msn money.

Retirement: Insurance retirees don’t need

GEBA’s Director of Wealth Management, Greg Klingler was syndicated in a Kiplinger’s article on long-term disability insurance.

7 Financial Advisors and Experts Share Their Best Money Tips

Commentary on the value of 50-30-20 budgeting was included in smartwallet by Kateri Turner CFP®, Financial Advisor for GEBA.

Considering long-term care in a COVID context

Kateri Turner, CFP®, ChFC®, ChFEBCTM, Financial Advisor for GEBA, was featured in Federal Soup about long-term care insurance in a COVID context.

Essential Money Tips for Surviving the ‘Pandemic Spiral’

yahoo! finance featured commentary by Greg Klingler, GEBA’s Director of Wealth Management, on the importance of emergency funds and investing amid the pandemic.


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