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Dental coverage helps protect you from unexpected dental expenses and makes it easier to keep up with regular checkups, cleanings, and other preventive treatments you need to keep your mouth healthy. 

Choose your own dentist from over 348,000 dental locations nationwide. 

Comprehensive, Affordable Coverage* with the Nation's Largest Network

GEBA has partnered with Delta Dental of Pennsylvania to offer convenient access and quality assurance for our members across the country. GEBA's Dental benefits offers:

  • More dentists – Four out of five dentists nationwide are contracted Delta Dental dentists.
  • Dependent child coverage up to age 26.
  • Lower out-of-pocket costs – PPO dentists accept Delta Dental contracted fees as full payment, meaning your share of the bill will be lower than with a non-Delta dentist.Simpler process –no forms to file, direct claim processing, online account access.GEBA_Cute-Family_7.25.13

Two Dental Plans to fit your budget: 

Standard Delta Dental PPOSM Plan

  • Perfect for individuals and families with a satisfactory dental history and who recognize the importance of preventive and basic care in maintaining oral health.
  • Includes coverage for diagnostic and preventive care, basic restorative care, endodontic and periodontal services, and minor oral surgery. 

Enhanced Delta Dental PPOSM Plan

  • Designed for individuals and families who want the maximum coverage available for their dental care needs. 
  • Covers the Basic PPO Plan services plus major dental services, such as oral surgery, crowns, dentures and orthodontics.

The chart below for information highlights covered services for both Plans.

Covered Services

Standard Plan

Enhanced Plan

Diagnostic and Preventive Care (e.g. oral exams and cleanings)

100% for PPO,
100% for Premier* and 
100% for Out-of-Network*

100% for PPO,
100% for Premier* and 
100% for Out-of-Network*

Basic Restorative Care,

Oral Surgery, Endodontics, 
and Periodontics

50% for PPO,
50% for Premier* and 
50% for Out-of-Network*

80% PPO Network
60% Premier Network*
60% Out-of-Network*

Major Restorative Care, 

and Child Orthodontics

Not Covered

50% PPO Network

40% Premier Network*
40% Out-of-Network*

12 month waiting period in the Enhanced Plan for Child Orthodontia

Annual Maximum Benefit



$2,000 per person maximum lifetime for orthodontics for dependent children up to age 19

*Based on contracted fees at PPO network level, you will pay the difference between the total fees charged
and the amount covered by Delta Dental.
Both plans offer significant out-of-pocket savings, more participating dentists, and a simpler claims process.
Delta Dental works with participating dentists to handle the paperwork for 
you and offer the highest effective discount in the industry.
**2 implants per year limitation

* Not available in Alaska