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$50,000 Group Term Life Insurance Gives Your Family Something to Start With

And if you're 50 and younger, It's Guaranteed!  Just Enroll Online.

A healthy breakfast?  A kiss on the cheek goodbye?  No traffic all the way to a great job in national intelligence?

If you're like most GEBA members, these are pretty good starts to a typical work day. Unfortunately,GEBA_Woman-in-sweater_7.30.13 nobody can know for certain what any day might bring or when today's kiss goodbye turns into your last.  That's why GEBA wants to make sure every day really is off to a good start - by ensuring your family has guaranteed $50,000 term life insurance in the event of your death.  

GEBA members are guaranteed $50,000 of term life insurance

No personal questions about your health, habits or medical history asked.  This is coverage you can keep, even if you leave the federal government.  No question about it - GEBA's got you covered.  

Think about today and how your family might use an additional $50,000.  Now, imagine if you were suddenly gone how valuable that money would be.  It won't bring you back and it won't replace the lifetime of income your family would lose without your salary.  But $50,000 can go a long way in ensuring they have some immediate financial resources to pick up and move on during such a painful and challenging time.  

It's probably enough to pay the bills at hand, funeral expenses, some debts you may have not yet settled, and other financial demands of life that don't go away just because you did.  It's a good start to keeping them afloat as they figure out how to proceed.  It's a good -- and -- quick start to knowing your family is covered.  

That same breakfast, more kisses, and $50,000 in guaranteed term life insurance -- GEBA calls that a very good start to a great day.  

To qualify, you must be a U.S. Citizen and an federal civilian employee who is 50 years  GEBA benefits are also available to military and contractors assigned to NSA-W. 

Group Term Life Insurance plan underwritten by New York Life Insurance Company, 51 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10010 on Policy form GMR.

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