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Professional Liability Insurance  provides legal representation and indemnity from the risks and financial consequences of a claim or allegation made against you in the performance of your federal duties. 

Why Do I Need Professional Liability Insurance?

Professional Liability (PLI) is a must for any federal employee, especially those whose duties include:

  • Protecting our nation's security
  • Working in the Intelligence Community
  • Providing law enforcement, federal security, or border patrol
  • Managing or supervising federal employees
  • Making decisions on public policy or in the interest of the public
  • Working directly with the public
  • Providing Human Resources functions
  • Obligating and administering federal funds or contracts
  • Providing medical, financial, or other professional service       

The Department of Justice (DOJ), at its own discretion can choose whether or not to provide you with representation. Even if they represent you, the government is not obligated to pay any judgments against individual employees, even for acts committed with the scope of their employment.  So you may be faced with both having to hire your own lawyer and paying judgments against you.

Worldwide Coverage

GEBA PLI, through FEDS Protection, offers the following benefits: 

  • $1 million of civil suit coverage for those circumstances where DOJ denies representation or indemnification                                                         
  • $200,000 coverage for legal defense costs for administrative matters and disciplinary proceedings
  • $100,000 coverage for legal defense costs for criminal investigations and hearings/proceedings
  • $500,000 of LEOSA civil suit coverage for Qualified Law Enforcement Officers
  • Legal representation led by the panel of attorneys at Shaw Bransford & Roth who have extensive experience and proven success in representing federal employees.  Policy holders may also be represented by nationally ranked firms when specific expertise and knowledge is necessary to successfully defend
  • 36-month extended reporting period for civil protection after separation from federal service.
Read  for more information on GEBA's PLI coverage.  

Affordable Rates

The total annual cost for GEBA’s Professional Liability Insurance is $290.*

If you are a manager, supervisor or law enforcement employee, the Federal Law requires your Agency to reimburse you for one half of the Professional Liability Insurance premium up to $150. Check with your respective benefits office at your Agency for specific eligibility and reimbursement procedures.  

*Rate includes Surplus Lines Tax      

Who's Eligible?

All federal employees who are working at least 17.5 hours per week are eligible to enroll in GEBA's Professional Liability Insurance plan.  

Underlying Insurance Provider

GEBA's  Professional Liability Insurance is underwritten by FEDS Protection with benefits secured by Scottsdale Insurance Company which has an A.M. Best A++XV (superior) rating.  

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