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Professional Liability Insurance protects federal employees against liability arising from actions taken within the scope of the job. GEBA offers you this important protection for only pennies a day. 

Designed for Federal Employees Like You

Lawsuits against federal employees are increasing at an alarming rate. Members of the public - even fellow co-workers - can bring personal lawsuits against you.

As a director, manager, supervisor, law enforcement employee, or federal employee, you are at risk whenever you are acting within the scope of your job - including delegating assignments, performing evaluations, working at your desk, or meeting with the public.

The Federal Tort Claims Act states the government can choose whether or not to defend you, but cannot cover monetary damages awarded against you personally. Frivolous or not, a lawsuit could cost you thousands of dollars.

GEBA’s Professional Liability Insurance pays the full cost of your legal defense and covers the expense of damages awarded against you, up to policy maximums, for judgments arising from acts, errors, or omissions committed by you within the scope of your employment. Even if the Justice Department refuses to defend you, this insurance has you covered.

Comprehensive ProtectionGEBA_Professional-Woman_7.25.13

  • $1,000,000 coverage for judgments
  • $100,000 coverage for legal defense costs, including groundless or fraudulent suits
  • Discovery period up to 36 months after retirement
  • $5,000 on-the-job Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance

Affordable Rates

The total annual cost for GEBA’s Professional Liability Insurance is $280. If you are a manager, supervisor or law enforcement employee, the Federal Law requires your Agency to reimburse you for one half of the Professional Liability Insurance premium up to $150. Check with your respective benefits office at your Agency for specific eligibility and reimbursement procedures.