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Long Term Disability Insurance – Offer

What happens if you can’t go to work because of injury or illness? Help protect your paycheck, your family and your financial future with Government Employees’ Benefit Association’s (GEBA) Long Term Disability Insurance.

Group Long Term Disability Insurance can give you much-needed cash to help with living expenses if you are unable to work. It can pay a monthly benefit that helps cover mortgage payments or rent, car payments, groceries, utilities, and more. 

Limited time Long Term Disability Offer: Up to $4,0001 monthly benefit expedited underwriting – no in-person medical exam and or labs required through September 30, 2021

  • For applicants under age 502 and applying for amounts up to $4,000 monthly tax-free3 benefit (not to exceed 67% of gross monthly salary)
  • Flexible waiting period (90 or 180 days)
  • GEBA’s carrier, New York Life Insurance Company has suspended in-person medical exams and/or labs
  • New York Life Insurance Company will process your application through expedited underwriting using available medical records, written or tele-interview medical questions, and database information (prescription drug, motor vehicle, Medical Information Bureau, etc)
  • Coverage for a working spouse/domestic partner is also available. (Member coverage is required.) 


For more information including features, costs, eligibility, renewability, limitations and exclusions, go to Underwritten by New York Life Insurance Company on Policy Form GMR. 


1 If you are already insured, this expedited underwriting offer applies to the total coverage amount (new and additional) up to $4,000 monthly benefit.
2 If age 50 or older or applying for insurance amounts over $4,000 monthly (any age), additional information or labs may be required to determine eligibility.
3 Please consult with your tax adviser for more information.


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