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GEBA is a nonprofit voluntary employee benefit association founded by NSA employees in 1957. We provide an array of insurance and investment plans to federal civilian employees, military and contractors assigned to NSA-W.

As a new hire, you are eligible for guaranteed coverage for group term life and group long term disability insurance and immediate enrollment in GEBA’s dental plan. You must enroll within 60 days of your hire date to take advantage of these offers. Now’s the time to enroll!  

See the chart below for immediate benefits you have as a new Intelligence Community, Department of Defense, and Department of State employee!

Group Term Life Insurance

Group Long Term Disability Insurance


Dental Coverage



• $100,000 GUARANTEED
  COVERAGE (age 55 and

• Optional: Up to $600,000
  benefit with medical


  55 and younger)

• Optional: Up to $7,500
  monthly benefit with
  medical underwriting

• Immediate Acceptance.
  (Coverage begins on the
  first day of the following

• Spouse/Domestic Partner: 
  $50,000 guaranteed 
  coverage (age 55 and  

• Optional: Up to $300,000 
  benefit with medical

• Dependents (children):
  $20,000 of guaranteed

• Spouse/Domestic Partner: 
  $1,000 monthly benefit 
  guaranteed coverage (age 
  60 and younger) 

• Optional: Up to $7,500
  monthly benefit with 
  medical underwriting

A choice of two plans:

Basic Delta Dental:

• $4,000 annual
  maximum benefit

Enhanced Delta Dental:
• $35,000 annual 
  maximum benefit

• Covers the basic PPO
  Plan services plus
  major dental services
  such as oral surgery,
  crowns, dentures, and

• Group rates from New York Life

• Keep the coverage if you retire
  or resign

• Coverage will not be terminated
  based on age

• Competitive group rates from
  New Your Life Insurance*

• Payable to retirement**

• Tax-free benefit

• Choice of waiting periods

**As determined by Social Security as "Full Retirement Age"

• Choice of dentist from
  the largest national

• Keep the coverage at the
  same rate, even if you
  retire or resign

*Underwritten by New York Life Insurance Company, 51 Madison Ave., New York, NY 10010
        Group Term Life Insurance plan under Policy form GMR.
Long Term Disability Insurance under Group Policy G-29344 on Policy Form GMR-FACE/G29344-0          

For information including features, cost, eligibility, renewability, limitations and exclusions, please read the Group Term Life
Insurance Brochure
and  the Group Long Term Disability Brochure.  Coverage not currently available in all states.

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