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GEBA Announces Scholarship and Member Educational Award Program Winners

FORT MEADE, MD, (July 30, 2019) – The Government Employees’ Benefit Association (GEBA) has awarded $100,000 in scholarships to support the educational pursuits of its members and their families. GEBA held a celebratory luncheon on June 12 to recognize the winners.

Through the Scholarship Program, GEBA members can sponsor full-time students including themselves, spouses, children, and grandchildren for awards that can be used toward tuition, fees or collegiate room and board costs. The Member Educational Award Program (MEAP), part of the GEBA Scholarship Foundation, provides educational assistance to member working full-time to help pay for part-time studies or student loans. Each Scholarship and MEAP award is valued at $2,500.

GEBA’s partner, International Scholarship and Tuition Services, Inc. (ISTS), selected 30 winners for the Scholarship Program. GEBA bestowed 19 Academic awards, 10 Community awards, and one Career Training award. Chosen for their outstanding academic achievements and community engagement, the finalists represent a diverse set of academic majors and hail from 9 different states. This year, 115 graduating high school seniors, college students, and graduate students competed for these scholarships.

ISTS selected 10 winners for MEAP from 38 applicants. The winners were from seven federal agencies and five different states and 1 overseas location. Seven of the winners will use the award to pay down their student loan debt and three of the winners will use the award to pay for their part-time studies.

“The Scholarship and MEAP awards help members to cover their educational expenses” said Michele Rackey, GEBA’s Chief Executive Officer. “We are always amazed at the accomplishments and the academic records of the winners. The MEAP essays provide insights into various financial topics.”

Since its inception, the GEBA Scholarship Foundation has awarded $1,014,500 to help GEBA members and their families better afford higher education. Each year, the GEBA Board of Directors determines the amount of money allocated to these programs.

About GEBA

GEBA (Government Employees’ Benefit Association, Inc.) was founded in 1957 by NSA employees to offer group insurance plan access to NSA employees. From the very beginning, GEBA has been a nonprofit employee benefit association committed to our members’ best interests. Over the past 60page1image3664185008

years, the list of Federal agencies that GEBA supports has increased tremendously and now serves the entire federal government. In addition, GEBA’s product line has increased to include a growing set of insurance and investment options for members. For more information, visit www.GEBA.com

About GEBA Scholarship Foundation

The GEBA Board of Directors established the GEBA Scholarship Foundation in 2005. GEBA Scholarship Foundation have awarded scholarships to deserving and diverse students pursuing an eclectic range of academic pursuits. GEBA scholarship recipients have been National Merit Scholarship winners, Dean’s List recipients, Eagle Scouts, and dedicate community volunteers who have devoted their time and talent to volunteer organizations. In 2012, the Board introduced the Member Education Award to fund members’ part-time studies and expanded the award to include student loan forgiveness in 2014. For information, visit www.GEBA.com/scholarshipfoundation.

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