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Your Safety Net For Your Career and Your Savings

As a Federal Employee you may face a unique risk if allegations, claims and/or lawsuits are made against you arising from alleged acts, errors, or omissions made in the scope of your employment.

It doesn't matter how well you do your job as assigned.

The situation could impact your career or even threaten your hard-earned savings.

Who Stands By Your Side During A Lawsuit?

The Department of Justice (DOJ) is solely responsible for determining whether they'll represent Feds during civil lawsuits. However, the government's priorities might not be the same as yours.

GEBA's affordable Professional Liability Program provides:

Up To $1 Million To Protect Your Reputation & Record Of Service


Up to $1 million in benefits for civil suits if the DOJ refuses to represent you


Up to $200,000 in benefits during administrative or disciplinary proceedings


Up to $100,000 in benefits during criminal investigations, hearings or proceedings


Coverage for legal expenses, attorney's fees, and judgments awarded against you


No-cost-to-you attorney counsel prior to DOJ representation decision


Worldwide coverage
for employees serving outside of CONUS*


Congressional hearing coverage if you're the target or subject of the proceeding


No-cost-to you extended reporting period gives you extra protection after your coverage ends


$500,000 Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act civil lawsuit benefits at no additional cost to qualified law enforcement officials

Which Federal Employees Can Sign Up?

The GEBA program is available to Feds working at least 17.5 hours a week in any branch or agency of the civilian federal government. (Contractors, federal retirees and members of the military are not eligible.)

Please strongly consider obtaining this protection if your duties include:

  • Implementing public policy decisions
  • Management of employees
  • Awarding contracts or administering federal funds

As Low As $145 Annually
if Eligible for Agency Reimbursement

Worried that setting up your own professional liability protection simply won't fit in your budget? GEBA's Professional Liability Program helps you keep costs down with an affordable group rate.

Full coverage up to $1 million for any civil liability and up to $200,000 for administrative defense is yours for only $290 a year. Your first year premium is prorated based on your effective date.

Compare that to the cost of hiring your own attorney. GEBA coverage stands out for its exceptional value.

IMPORTANT: Federal law requires your agency to reimburse 50% (up to $150 a year) for professional liability coverage if you're a manager, supervisor or law enforcement officer.

Ready to set up your own liability safety net?

Feds Have Trusted GEBA
For More Than 6 Decades

The Government Employees Benefit Association (GEBA) has served Federal Employees for over 60 years. Created by NSA employees in 1957, our nonprofit employee benefit association delivers best-in-class service, insurance and financial products that supplement federal benefit options and help Feds confidently plan for the future.

GEBA membership is available to all civilian Federal Employees. Membership in GEBA is free, and continues, with a plan or service.


* Continental U.S.

GEBA is proud to partner with the well-known and respected FEDS Protection group, with benefits secured by an A.M. Best A++XV (superior) rated carrier.

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