Securing Your Financial Future –
Entrusted since 1957

Securing Your Financial Future – Entrusted since 1957

GEBA Fall Shred-It Event

GEBA is proud to host the 2021 Fall Shred Fest in the parking lot of our new office! We invite our members to shred their personal papers as part of Fall Cleaning on Saturday, November 6, 9 am – 12 pm.  

Our new office is located at 1362 Mellon Road, Hanover, MD, 21076.  Follow the cones for the line to the Shred-It truck!  

This event is open to GEBA members only.  Each member may sign up for one time slot.  Each member may bring up to 5 “containers” of shredding materials.  Shredding materials include personal papers – please do not bring newspapers, magazines, and nonpaper materials.  To expedite the shredding process while practicing COVID precautions, please follow the following instructions:

1. Place your shredding materials in paper bags – DO NOT USE plastic bags.  As an alternate, you can place shredding materials in boxes that will be emptied quickly into the shredding bins.  The boxes will be returned to you.  Do not place lids on boxes.

2. Place your shredding materials in the truck of your car.  

3. When you arrive at the GEBA parking lot, a GEBA staff member (wearing a mask) will greet you to confirm your time slot. 

4. When you pull up to the shredding truck, please stay in your car.  Pop your trunk.  The Shred-It personnel (wearing a mask) will remove your shredding materials from your trunk and place in the shredding bin.  The Shred-It personnel will also return any boxes to your trunk as we cannot recycle any cardboard. 

5. If you want to see your materials shredded, then pull over to the designated area (as directed by the GEBA staff) so you can see the Shred-It staff load the full bin into the Shred-It truck.  Otherwise, you can exit the parking lot.  

6. Sign up using this form on Sign Up Genius.  You may use your first name and first initial of your last name (i.e., Kim L.).  The quantity will be “1” for one time slot (not the number of boxes).  

7. If you need assistance with the sign-up, or have other questions, please contact GEBA by phone: (410) 657-8060 or email: 

Thank you for participating in the GEBA Member Event! 


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