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Sponsored Family Program FAQ

Almost all. Eligible relatives include adult ​Brothers/Sisters​ (including in-laws and step-siblings); ​Children ​(including stepchildren); ​Grandchildren​ (including step-grandchildren); ​Parents​ (including in-laws and stepparents); and ​Grandparents​ (including in-laws and step-grandparents). Cousins, nephews, aunts, minor children, etc. are not eligible.

Sponsored Family Members can live and work anywhere. We have lots of experience serving members via phone, email, and the Internet. In addition to online applications, webinars, and a robust website, we also offer a knowledgeable team that makes sure your needs are met – wherever you are located.

Sponsored Family Members are “Special Members” of GEBA. They have access to most services GEBA offers, except where limited by our underwriters. Special Members are not eligible to vote in GEBA governance decisions or sponsor other family members, but otherwise enjoy all the benefits of GEBA membership.

When applying for an eligible product, your family members just need to provide your (the sponsor’s) name, year of birth and city of residence in order to prove eligibility.

Family member’s eligibility will be verified based on the questions asked during the application process (member’s name, city of residence and year of birth). This information will be compared to the information that GEBA has on our members to verify eligibility.

It is important to coordinate benefits in cases where both spouses have family dental coverage or have two plans that cover some dental work through their respective employers or outside sources. Delta Dental coordinates with the other insurance company to make sure that the combined payments on a claim do not exceed the total amount the dentist has agreed to accept from Delta Dental. The primary insurer pays benefits first and the secondary carrier pays next. Any amount not paid by the primary carrier may be paid in part or in whole by the secondary carrier. The dental plan of the person submitting the claim is the primary carrier. For dependents, the primary carrier is determined based on the “birthday rule.” The spouse whose birthday comes earliest in the year will have his or her dental plan designated as the primary carrier for purposes of covering their children. If you have dental insurance through your health care plan, it is always considered the primary insurer.

Premiums will remain the same for all family eligible products.

No. A GEBA member can sponsor an eligible family member in any eligible product.

As a policy holder, the only person who can access your account is you. Sponsors are not entitled to details regarding your accounts with GEBA.

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