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Wealth Management

You’ve worked hard to build your assets. You need an experienced financial advisor that understands federal benefits and can help you make the most of what you’ve earned. GEBA Wealth Management is committed to providing unbiased advice and building lasting relationships. 

We offer financial planning to meet specific needs as well as address your entire financial situation. 

Our Investment Advisory Services provide options for clients seeking professional expertise in managing their investment portfolios.

We also offer additional Investing Services to provide some of the most sought-after investment plans and products for investors who prefer to take part in the decision making process.

Reach Your Financial Goals

  • Assess your investment strategies to plan for your future 
  • Review and adjust insurance coverage to ensure you and your family are protected
  • Plan for college tuition and other major financial commitments

Make the Most of Retirement

  • Identify the optimal Social Security claiming strategy for you and your spouse/partner.
  • Assist with pre-retirement decisions regarding your benefits and insurance, including long term care.
  • Develop a tax-efficient plan for drawing on your retirement benefits and investments after you retire.
  • Create a Legacy Plan that will distribute your assets tax-efficiently according to your wishes.

Wherever you are in life, our Financial Advisors are here to guide you through the challenges that lie ahead. Everyone’s path is unique which is why you need a GEBA expert to look at your needs – here’s a look at the most common progression for insurance and financial planning.

GEBA - It's All About YOU!

Basic coverage that won’t break the bank

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  • $50K Guaranteed Group Term Life Insurance
  • Vision
  • Dental

Financial Planning:

  • Start Retirement Savings

Cars, pets, possessions – life’s getting real

Dog riding in car


  • Term or Individual Life Options
  • Auto
  • Pet Insurance
  • Emergency Travel

Financial Planning:

  • Increase Investments
  • Evaluate Insurance

Spouse, house, kids…much more at stake now

Life insurance protects families


  • Home
  • Spouse Coverage
  • Family Members
  • Long Term Disability

Financial Planning:

  • Re-evaluate Coverage
  • Save for College

Time to save more and protect yourself

Sponsored Family Member


  • Professional Liability

Financial Planning:

  • Increase Investments
  • Re-evaluate Coverage
  • Long Term Care Options

Are you ready?

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Financial Planning:

  • Re-evaluate Coverage
  • Social Security Analysis
  • Legacy Planning

Be prepared

Family Program

Financial Planning:

  • Legacy Planning
  • Tax-Efficient Ways to Pass Money to Heirs

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