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The GEBA Difference

Created solely to serve the federal workforce, GEBA has a 65-year history with people just like YOU and knows the specific challenges and opportunities of federal employees. GEBA applies its years of experience and knowledge to offer insurance benefits and wealth management products and services specific to YOU and your needs. Because YOU are what it’s always been about.

Federal employees receive insurance and retirement benefits as part of their government employment, but for many, these benefits fall short. For many people, GEBA can provide more coverage, at better rates, with much greater flexibility.

GEBA’s offers group discounts on a full range of insurance products and provides complete financial planning services. Our experts take the time to make careful, unbiased recommendations that best fit your needs. GEBA membership is free and continues as long as you maintain any plan with us.

All federal employees, retirees, active and retired military, and Sponsored Family Members can take advantage of GEBA’s member rates and superior service. See exactly who’s eligible.

In short, GEBA exists to give you and your family peace of mind — and to help you achieve your financial goals.

GEBA can help you consider your financial outlook at each stage of life — while everyone’s path is unique, here’s the common progression for insurance and financial planning.

Putting together the perfect coverage couldn't be simpler

GEBA Offers Insurance and Financial Planning for All Life’s Stages

GEBA can help you plan for every life stage – you’re unique, and every stage requires personalized planning.

Early Career Employee Insurance Needs

Early Career Employee

Basic coverage that won’t break the bank

What You Need for Insurance

  • $50K Guaranteed Group Term Life Insurance
  • Vision
  • Dental

What You Should Do for Financial Planning

  • Start Retirement Savings
Financial Planning

Early-Mid Career
Increasing Responsibilities

Cars, pets, possessions – life’s getting real

What You Need for Insurance

  • Term or Individual Life Options
  • Auto
  • Pet Insurance
  • Emergency Travel

What You Should Do for Financial Planning

  • Increase Investments
  • Evaluate Insurance
Group Term Life FAQs

Mid-Late Career Securing Your Family's Future

Spouse, kids, house, caregiver  
higher stakes

What You Need for Insurance

  • Home
  • Spouse Coverage
  • Family Members
  • Long Term Disability

What You Should Do for Financial Planning

  • Re-evaluate Coverage
  • Save for College
Late Career Financial Planning

Late Career–Pre-Retirement
Moving Up, Peak Earning Years

Time to save more and protect yourself

What You Need for Insurance

  • Professional Liability

What You Should Do for Financial Planning

  • Increase Investments
  • Re-evaluate Coverage
  • Long Term Care Options
Retirement financial planning

Pre- / Early Retirement

Will you  be ready?

What You Should Do for Financial Planning

  • Re-evaluate Coverage
  • Social Security Analysis
  • Legacy Planning
Retirement financial planning

Retirement & Legacy Planning

Be prepared!

What You Should Do for Financial Planning

  • Legacy Planning
  • Tax-Efficient Ways to Pass Money to Heirs

GEBA Gives You More

GEBA often provides more options and greater flexibility to supplement Federal coverage and better fund your retirement. Everyone’s situation is different, but in general:

FEGLI, VGLI — Basic FEGLI may not be enough. With GEBA, you can apply for life insurance anytime, you can continue coverage if you leave the government, and GEBA provides more options for higher coverage as well as coverage for your spouse and dependents.

TSP — GEBA offers a full range of investment strategies that allow you to supplement your TSP retirement savings as well as build wealth for specific goals like saving for college tuition.

FERS Retirement Disability — GEBA can offer coverage sooner than FERS after a disability, typically with less strict guidelines. Spouses can also apply for GEBA disability insurance.

FLTCIP – Long Term Care — GEBA offers a wide range of options and hybrid plans to fit each person’s unique situation. After recent price increases, most find GEBA’s rates to be very competitive.

Trust GEBA – Securing Feds’ Financial Futures for Over 65 Years

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